Trump claims that the US will have a vaccine before the end of the year

US President Donald Trump claims that the United States developed a vaccine against the corona virus as early as the end of this year. He did not explain what he bases this claim on. “But we are already building a production line.”

Trump made those statements Sunday evening (local time) during an interview with Fox News. The conversation took place at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

“The doctors will say, you can’t say that. But I say what I think,” Trump said during the interview. “We are confident that we will have a vaccine at the end of this year. We are already building production lines, even if there is no vaccine yet”

American health services warned in late April that it would take at least another 18 months before there will be a vaccine against the coronavirus. Medical adviser Anthony Fauci stated that there may be a vaccine in January, but he also stressed that there are many uncertain factors that can slow development.

Trump also answered viewers’ questions. When asked why he never answers questions from journalists at press conferences, the President replied that the press is “very hostile”.

“They are all outrageous questions they are asking,” said the president.

Journalists ask Trump many questions about his contradictory statements about the corona virus. There are now more than 1 million known infections in the US and 67,000 Americans have died from the effects of the virus.

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