Hundreds of protesters take to the shopping malls in Hong Kong again

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong again on Sunday to demonstrate against Carrie Lam’s government. The activists gathered in covered shopping centers and chanted anti-government slogans.

The police usually did not intervene hard, but did prevent the groups from coming together in the Kowloon district. In a mall, police are said to have shot rubber bullets to disperse a group of protesters, The South China Morning Post writes.

The activists did not follow the applicable rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The police therefore asked if they wanted to keep their distance from each other.

Since April 26, demonstrations have been held by people who want Carrie Lam’s pro-Chinese government to step down. Before that, it was largely silent because of the corona virus. In Hong Kong, infections were diagnosed shortly after the outbreak in China. The government immediately imposed strict measures. The number of registered infections in Hong Kong stands at 1,048.

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