Brazilian President is cornered by “devastating” video

“I’m not going to wait until they (the police, ed.)” Screw around “with my family,” the TV channel Globo cites, among other things, four anonymous sources that would have seen the video. Other major Brazilian media outlets such as Folha de S. Paulo and Veja report similar reports, each time using the Brazilian term “foder” used by Bolsonaro. Literally that is the language of fence for “community”, it is used metaphorically as shit or bother.

Bolsonaro’s anger at the meeting initially focused on the federal police in Rio de Janeiro, where the president and his family are from. Judicial investigations into Bolsonaro’s sons Flávio and Carlos, who may be involved in financial fraud and money laundering and allegedly linked to paramilitary militias, are underway in Rio.

According to the sources, Bolsonaro wanted to appoint another chief inspector in Rio, who would give him information about police investigations. “I want a different chef in Rio. Otherwise I will fire the director and possibly the minister, ”Bolsonaro would have said in the video of the cabinet on 22 April.

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