Trump declares an ultimatum for WHO

Donald Trump gives the World Health Organization (WHO) thirty days to reform, otherwise the US will completely stop paying to the organization. He writes that the WHO does not operate independently from China.

The US President said a month ago that the organization “has failed in its core business” in fighting the corona virus. He blames the organization for spreading false information about the coronavirus, underestimating the crisis, and not taking China sufficiently critically – Trump believes that the WHO does not operate independently of China. The U.S. pays $ 400 to $ 500 million annually to the organization, nearly 15 percent of the total budget.

Trump says he has temporarily frozen payments. If its call for improvement is not met within 30 days, the US will permanently stop making payments. He is also considering leaving the WHO.

The US President’s criticism was met with surprise and disapproval last month.

“This is not the time to stop giving money to WHO projects. Right now, the international community needs to work together to fight the virus,” he said. among others UN Secretary General Guterres then.

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