Broadcom hints that Apple will release iPhones later this year

Broadcom does not mention Apple’s name, but the webcast of the quarterly review, which can also be read via SeekingAlpha, clearly identifies the company.

“We would normally expect solid growth in the coming quarter from the next phone sales of our major North American customer who makes mobile phones,” said director Hock Tan.

In a question from an analyst, he goes into extra detail. “The question is timing. In recent years, we’ve seen sales increase after Q2. We believe that due to a slowdown in the product cycle, our sales trough will be Q3 this year.” That the sales increase is a quarter later indicates that Apple needs the chips between a few weeks and three months later than usual. In recent years, Apple released its iPhones in mid-September. Some models appeared later: the iPhone X came out in early November 2017, while the XR appeared in October 2018.

Broadcom has been supplying Wi-Fi chips for iPhones to Apple for years. There were rumors before that Apple would like to delay the release of its iPhones, but it has never been before that a supplier spoke about this. The quarterly figures of suppliers have already read trends at Apple. For example, a number of suppliers issued a turnover warning when deliveries of the iPhone XS generation turned out to be disappointing.

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