Columbus statue demolished in Baltimore

In the name of racial justice...

The destructiveness of the American ‘anti-racists’ continues steadily. Even on the fourth of July, the birthday of the American nation, activists couldn’t resist getting a monument of its pedestal. This time it was the turn of the seafarer Columbus, who reached America in 1492.

In recent weeks, images of the Italian seafarer have suffered more often. Because according to the logic of the anti-racists, this “angry white man” was of course very wrong.

It is especially sad to see that this kind of action makes people genuinely happy. Because let’s face it, what do you actually achieve with such an action? Rancor? Yes. Polarization? Yes. Racism has disappeared from your society? No.

Why Columbus is wrong in the eyes of the activists remains a bit vague. They hold him responsible for the tragedy that would befall the original inhabitants later on.

Of course, making someone historically responsible in this way is insignificant. Because how could Columbus now know that the local peoples would be massively defeated by European diseases.

As long as the local administrators of US states do not enter into a conversation with the residents, you will get these ‘mob actions’, actions that will only increase the contradictions in the US.

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