Court ordered access to Trump’s tax returns

After years of US President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax papers, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled that he should still gave access to his financial records. Trump is furious with the statement and has expressed all his displeasure on Twitter.

A sensitive blow to President Donald Trump. A New York court requested access to the president’s tax returns last year. As always, he blocked the release of these and other financial documents under the guise of Presidential Immunity. According to the Supreme Court, this does not apply and even a sitting president cannot escape possible criminal investigations.

According to Trump’s lawyer, William Consovoy, immunity applies as long as Trump holds the office of President of America. Consovoy said the prosecutor doesn’t even have the power to do anything if Trump shoots someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City. “However, there is no such thing as presidential immunity to tax returns,” the prosecution said. The Supreme Court now supports the position of the Public Prosecution Service: a prosecutor has the right to view the financial data, including tax returns, according to the chief judges in Washington.

Trump’s opponents in Congress, the Democrats, also demanded that they view his tax returns. These are documents from Deutsche Bank, the Capital One bank and the accountancy firm Mazars. They also question the President’s financial trade and conduct, including his business dealings with Russia. But here the Supreme Court referred the case back to a lower court.

Trump himself believes there is no valid reason for releasing his finances. He would not have broken any laws. The Democrats would only be looking for a political tool to use against him. In 2016, Trump promised in the presidential election campaign that he, like his predecessors, would make his tax returns public.

Trump therefore reacts furiously to the Supreme Court ruling. It is unfair, according to the president, who in the series of Twitter messages lashes out at the Supreme Court, the Obama administration, the senate and the FBI.

In one of the uppercase tweets, Trump complains that the Supreme Court has adopted a different guideline in his case than other courts have done in the past.

The case revolves around the prosecutors’ requirement to view Trump’s personal and corporate tax returns from 2011 to 2018. The subpoena is part of an investigation into Trump and his family business. Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to not voluntarily publish his tax return. That is not an obligation, but it is customary.

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