Police arrests 45 protesters in Seattle

In the American city of Seattle, dozens of people were arrested Saturday night during disturbances caused by one of the largest demonstrations in weeks as part of Black Lives Matter.

Police intervened when a dozen protesters attempted to set fire to a youth prison under construction. The police tried to get a hold of the crowd with tear gas, to make room for the fire brigade to put out the fire.

45 arrests have been made so far. At least 21 officers are said to have been injured after being pelted with stones and fireworks.

It was also restless in demonstrations in other places in the US. During a shooting during a demonstration in the Texas city of Austin, one demonstrator was killed on Saturday evening.

The heavily armed security forces were sent to Portland about three weeks ago after Trump signed a decree to protect U.S. monuments and buildings in the city. The arrival of the security forces led to much commotion. Trump also wants to send federal order troops to Chicago, Kansas City and Albuquerque against the will of those mayors which seem to enjoy the arson and looting in their cities.

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