Ghislaine Maxwell has committed ‘sexual atrocities’ on her own, the lawsuit reveal

The prosecution seems to invest heavily in collecting all the accusations

By order of a New York judge, judicial documents have been released with detailed charges against Ghislaine Maxwell. The former employee and former partner of Jeffrey Epstein are accused not only of facilitating the sexual abuse of underage girls by the billionaire but also of committing similar acts of their own.

The documents come from a now-settled lawsuit filed against Maxwell in 2015 by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. She also accused Maxwell of sexually abusing underage girls. In addition, she would have pretended to be Epsteins ‘madam’ and helped him make Giuffre available as a ‘sex slave’ to influential men around the world, including the British Prince Andrew, former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson and lawyer Alan Dershowitz. In the released documents, Giuffre accuses Epstein of recruiting her when she was only 15 years old.

The judge in New York had already ordered a large part of more than 80 documents to be released on 23 July, but Maxwell filed a request to the court yesterday to block the release of two additional documents. Including a 2016 statement on her sex life and a statement from an unnamed Epstein prosecutor.

Maxwell’s lawyers, who was arrested early this month on suspicion of complicity in sexual abuse by Epstein, said that disclosure of her statement could make it “difficult, if not impossible,” to find an impartial jury for her criminal trial. The two statements are expected to remain sealed until Monday, depending on how the court of Appeal decides.

Maxwell allegedly lured and groomed underage girls between 1994 and 1997 for sex with the businessman and multimillionaire Epstein, who committed suicide in his cell last year pending his own trial. She’s always declared herself innocent.

The British Maxwell is the youngest daughter of media magnate Robert Maxwell and was a prominent socialite. She introduced Epstein, according to British media, to many leading figures including presidents, artists, business magnates and the British Prince Andrew.

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