Ministry of Truth censored the President’s voice

Truly we are living in the age of wonders

Facebook deleted a message from American president Donald Trump last night (local time). The tech company did that because the fragment from an interview with FOX News TV station ‘contained untruths’ about the coronavirus. Twitter also removed the message on from the platform.

In the interview, Trump talked about reopening schools in the United States. In addition, he said that children are “almost certainly immune” to the coronavirus. Which is by the way statistically true. Trump posted the clip on Facebook and Twitter.

“This video contains the false claim that a group of people is immune to Covid-19,” said a Facebook spokesman last night in a statement. “That is contrary to our policy on harmful misinformation about Covid.”It would be specifically about Trump’s statement about children.

The fragment was still visible in a post on the Twitter account of the Trump campaign, but now that platform has also intervened. The account could not post new messages before the relevant tweet was deleted. This happened later in the evening (local time).

It’s not the first time Facebook has deleted a message from the US president. In June, an ad from the campaign team had to disappear because of the ‘use of a controversial symbol’.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg was rather criticized for not doing enough against Trump’s voice on his platform, especially during the protests in the US after George Floyd’s death. “When the looting begins, the shooting begins,” Trump posted on Facebook at the time. Among other things, Zuckerberg’s own staff expressed dissatisfaction with the failure to deliver that message, which they believed ‘would incite violence’.

Twitter has also taken action against messages from Trumps account on several occasions by posting warnings to its tweets. In it, the company said that the information the president had shared might be incorrect. “Manipulated media,” Twitter posted on a video of a CNN fake blog being tampered with.

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