Trump signs the decree to provide extended aid for the people of USA

President Trump has issued a decree declaring economic aid against the corona crisis. Negotiations with the Democrats in Congress broke down and the president then decided to take the lead.

For example, temporary unemployment benefit will be extended, although Americans who make use of it receive less than before. In an earlier arrangement, the amount was $600 a week, now it’s $400.

The payroll tax is also temporarily suspended for people who earn less than $ 100,000, there is more protection for tenants against eviction and there is state funding of student loans at 0% interest.

The talks on an economic measures against COVID-19 have been going on for more than two weeks. At a press conference at his golf club Bedminster in New Jersey, Trump said that the Democratic proposal was full of issues unrelated to the COVID.

The Democrats initially wanted to make $ 3400 billions available, but the White House did not want to go beyond $ 1,000 billions. Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi came up with a compromise of up to 2400 billion, but that, too, was rejected.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden calls the Trump decrees “a series of half-baked measures”. In his view, the president is jeopardizing Social Security by temporarily suspending the payroll tax, which finances the aid package.

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