Major tech companies discuss their input in elections

It is assumed that due to the pandemic, many people will vote by post. As a result, it is uncertain whether a result can be reported at the end of Election Day on 3 november. What the companies want to do in this case is not published.

Another scenario discussed according to the news media is what happens when a hack files are stolen and then distributed online, as happened in 2016. This scenario is called ” hacking and leaking.” We are also looking at how to deal with manipulated videos.

In addition to Facebook, Google and Twitter, other parties are also involved, such as the organization behind Wikipedia, reports The New York Times. A Facebook statement shows that nine parties are participating.

The New York Times further reports that the group had a meeting yesterday with the FBI, the Office of the director of security and the Department of Homeland Security. Such consultations have taken place periodically over the past four years.

The cooperation at different levels is intended to prevent a repeat of 2016. Then, Russian trolls managed to interfere in the American presidential election, for example by placing fake ads and news. The personal e-mail account of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, was also hacked and leaked.

This was particularly critical of Facebook, the largest social network in the world. This was partly because, according to critics, the company reacted too late to the foreign interference. According to The New York Times, what ultimately benefits the partnership is still waiting, because companies themselves are responsible for preventing interference on their platforms.

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