Joe Biden nominated as the Democratic party candidate

Republicans believe that it is the best reason to re-elect Trump

Joe Biden has been officially nominated as a Democratic presidential candidate in the United States. Of course, we have known for several months that Biden would be nominated, but it still had to be officially decided. That has now happened, including the accompanying circus.

Last night (local time), at the Democratic Party Congress, it became clear that Joe Biden will officially become the Democratic presidential candidate. Biden was with his wife Jill at the time.

He came into the picture briefly to express his gratitude.

“Thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart,” said the 77-year-old Biden. “Thank you all, this means so much to me and my family, and I’ll see you all Thursday.”

Biden has yet to officially accept the nomination. He will do that during a speech on Thursday. Yesterday was the first day of the Democratic Party Congress, which will last almost all week. Michelle Obama then hit president Trump hard. The pandemic and racism were also discussed.

Today, the floor was given to Bill Clinton, among others. Clinton also said, like Michelle Obama, that Trump ” is running away from his responsibilities as president.” He said this in a video message in which he expressed his support for Biden, who is to take on Trump in the upcoming elections in November.

At the party congress, several Republicans also spoke today expressing their support for Biden.

This is how the Democrats hope to persuade people who normally vote for a Republican. The country is very divided, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to put Biden down as the opposite of Trump.

For example, Biden is portrayed as a “true family man. His wife Jill is a school teacher and there has been a lot of grief in the family because Biden’s first wife and eldest son died. Everything must show that Biden’s family is very different from Trump’s family. But, of course, it’s one big PR show.

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