Tencents is in talks to buy Leyou Technologies

The Chinese internet and gaming giant Tencent is reportedly about to enlist the gaming company Leyou Technologies. That’s the creator of free shooting games like Warframe And Dirty Bomb. Bloomberg reports, based on insider information, that the parties are talking about a deal where Leyou is valued at $ 1.3 billion.

Tencent has the largest online gaming empire in the world. It owns, or through Epic Games to a large extent, Fortnite, League of Legends and Call of Duty. According to sources, the negotiations with Leyou are at an advanced stage and an agreement could be signed this week. In addition, Charles Yuk, the major shareholder of Leyou, would transfer his entire interest to Tencent. No one in the companies themselves was available or willing to comment.

Tencent has recently been under attack by American President Donald Trump, who recently signed a decree banning certain transactions with the Asia-popular app WeChat in the United States. According to Trump, the “Chinese Communist Party is threatening to access personal information from Americans” via WeChat data. It has now become clear that the ban on WeChat is probably not as far-reaching as feared. That is why Tencent’s stock price on Monday showed a clear recovery in Hong Kong’s stock market.

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