Apple plans to sell at least 75 million 5G iPhones

The American tech giant Apple has asked its suppliers to make at least 75 million new iPhones suitable for the 5G network this year. New versions of the Apple Watch, a new iPad Air and a smaller HomePod must also be produced. That was reported by Bloomberg press office based on insider information.

Apple takes into account that some 80 million new iPhones will be shipped this year, according to the sources. The company aims to launch the new models next month. In addition to the fact that the iPhones are suitable for the fast 5G network, there is also a different design and a wide choice of screen sizes.

The new iPad Air is equipped with an iPad Pro-like screen. There are also two new versions of the Apple Watch and a new headset. Apple would also be working on a new Apple TV box, but this will not be available this year.

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