Trump promises police support in Kenosha, speaks of domestic terror

On a visit to Kenosha in Wisconsin, President Trump described the city’s unrest as domestic terrorism. He also called them anti-American and directed against the police. The president committed financial aid for the police and for repairs.

It’s been restless in Kenosha since a police officer shot a black man last Sunday. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in the back and, according to his family, was paralyzed to the waist.

Over the past week, there have been fierce protests against police action, which have regularly led to riots; there have been destruction and looting. The National Guard was deployed to keep order.

According to Trump, the city would have been “razed to the ground” if it hadn’t been used by the National Guard. These guards were initially deployed by the Democratic governor Evers, and later, after consultation between Trump and the governor, more came to Wisconsin.

Trump appeared at a meeting with local officials and took another swing at the Democrats, who he believed were responsible for chaos and lawlessness in American cities. Governors who had not yet called for his help would come back from this, said Trump, referring to Portland.

Governor Evers wasn’t at the meeting with Trump. The Democrat also opposed a visit from the president. According to Evers, Trump wants to abuse his visit to Kenosha to win votes for his message about maintaining public order. That is a key theme for Trump and the Republicans in the upcoming election in november.

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