LEGO is still boycotting Facebook

...for unclear reasons to be fair

Toy maker Lego still doesn’t use his advertising budget for commercials on Facebook. The Danish company banned several social media this summer because too little action was taken against racism and hate speech via the platforms. For a number of companies, the blockade has been lifted, but Facebook is not yet part of that group.

The social media companies came under fire this summer. This is partly due to the civil movements and rights organisations which launched a campaign. Initiators blame Facebook, among other things, for not removing messages that incite violence towards Black Lives Matter protesters. Several large companies joined in.

Lego now indicates that it will make payments to YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, which have made enough adjustments in the eyes of the Danes. According to Lego, Facebook has made too little progress. There is no confidence in the tech giants for now.

The ban means Lego does not advertise on Facebook in the United States and Europe. The maker of the iconic building blocks is currently reviewing its marketing plans and does not exclude the possibility that the Facebook ban will be further expanded in other markets in the coming months.

Facebook itself reported earlier this week that many advertisers who had previously run away have now returned.

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