Facebook is the new arbiter of the truth

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it would ban advertisements claiming that voting fraud is widespread. In addition, advertisements from extreme right-wing militias in the US, such as the Proud Boys and advertisements from the far right conspiracy thinkers group QAnon, reports the US news channel CNBC.

The social media company’s measure, including Instagram, also includes advertisements challenging the validity of the results of the upcoming American presidential election, or raising doubts about voting methods.

The company has been under attack since it became known that in the last elections in 2016 it allowed advertisements to manipulate voters. Before, Facebook has already banned reports claiming early election victory.

The Facebook decision comes one day after President Donald Trump took the first election debate with his Democratic challenger Joe Biden to repeat unfounded allegations that the elections are being tampered with. That’s why Trump won’t tell me if he’ll leave the White House if he loses.

During the debate, Trump also refused to condemn white racists and called on the far right group Proud Boys to ‘stand ready’. Although the president said he did not know the group at all, after the debate Facebook saw an increase in content related to the neo-fascist club, which was classified as hate group by the civil rights organisation Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

In addition to Proud Boys, QAnon is being dealt with more harshly, according to CNBC. Already in August, Facebook removed hundreds of Group accounts associated with QAnon, a separate Association of ultra-right conspiracy theorists who believe the world is run by a circle of Satanists who have targeted president Donald Trump while running an underground paedophile network.

QAnon-related content will be brought down in users ‘ News Feed, Facebook announced. Since theorists often communicate under the guise of child safety in order to attract more people, Facebook users who introduce such search terms will henceforth transfer to credible sources of child safety.

Extreme right-wing militia groups in the united states, the past few months, repeatedly, I have been responsible for violence against Black Lives Matter protesters since the violent death of the black-detainee, George, Floyd, in may, the whole of the country to the streets to protest against the racism and excessive police brutality.

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