Edward Snowden got permanent residence permit to stay in Russia

Snowden may stay indefinitely and apply for citizenship

The American whistleblower Edward Snowden (37) is granted a permanent residence permit in Russia. It should have happened before, but that the coronacrisis made it a little longer.

Snowden is wanted in the United States for espionage. He was an employee and system administrator at the CIA and NSA. He leaked a large amount of information in 2013. This showed that the NSA collected extensive phone and internet data, including from foreign leaders.

Shortly after that, a warrant for Snowden’s arrest was issued in the United States. He fled the country and has been living in Russia for several years, where he was granted a residence permit in 2014.

This residence permit was renewed in 2017 and has now been converted into a permanent residence status, allowing Snowden to apply for Russian citizenship. But that’s not the issue, says his lawyer.

Where Snowden lives in Russia is not known. According to his lawyer, he’s fine, he’s got a job and he lives with his wife.

U.S. Justice still wants Snowden tried for espionage. In addition, some of the proceeds were claimed from his book, Permanent Record, in which he tells the story of his revelations. According to American media, including CNN, Snowden has settled with the Justice Department. He would give over $5 million from the proceeds of the book.

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