Twitter labeled president’s message as misleading

Twitter did it again

Twitter has identified a message from American president Donald Trump as ‘possibly misleading’. This happened a few hours after Twitter introduced new policy.

In the tweet, Trump spoke in the night of Monday on Tuesday about “big problems and discrepancies” in votes by post in the United States.

Trump has often called against voting by letter. According to the president, it leads to election fraud.

Half an hour after the message was posted, Twitter put a label on it. “Some of the content or all of the content that is shared in this tweet is called into question and may be misleading about how you can participate in elections or other civil trials,” is on the label.

Users can still read the tweet, but only if they choose to click away the notification.

Twitter announced on Monday that it was going to warn American users about misinformation about the upcoming presidential election. As an example, Twitter already mentioned misinformation about voting by letter.

Twitter is not only going to label possible misleading tweets: at the top of the timeline there will also be reports warning users of the spread of misinformation.

Trump Tweets are more often labelled as ‘possibly misleading’ by Twitter. For example, earlier messages were hidden saying that COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu. Also a video of Trump suggesting that CNN was spreading fake news was hidden.

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