Biden gradually crawls to 270 electoral votes, counting continues

Democratic candidate Joe Biden has gradually moved closer to victory in the US presidential election on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Six states are still counted – five of them may be decisive for the final result.

With 253 electoral votes in his camp, against the 213 of incumbent President Donald Trump, Biden still needs one or two states to secure the necessary number of 270 electoral votes and thus secure the majority in the electoral college (Electoral College) of 538 members.

Countries to be counted (number of electoral votes and current forecast in brackets))

  • Pennsylvania (20; neck-to-neck)
  • Georgia (16; neck-to-neck)
  • Arizona (11; neck-to-neck)
  • North Carolina (15; tends to Trump)
  • Nevada (6; tends to Biden)
  • Alaska (3; safe for Trump)

President Trump has to win both Pennsylvania and Georgia to keep a path to profit. From that essential starting point, a combination of wins in Nevada and Arizona, or one of those two states plus North Carolina, would lead him back to the Oval Office in January.

Biden sees more potential paths ahead. If he wins in Pennsylvania, the fight is over. This also applies to profits in a combination of two of the other states where the counts are still running (except Alaska: that state can no longer escape Trump).

Although small updates from the states snuck in during the night, a decision remained.

It’s probably gonna be a while before the winner gets out. Georgia and Arizona are expected to release new interim results later on Thursday, in the morning and in the afternoon. In Nevada, an update is expected at the earliest in the afternoon.

In states where the margin of victory may be very small, such as Pennsylvania, recalculations could take place. Counting can take place there without such further delay until Friday or Saturday.

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