Joe Biden has chosen Ron Kain as a chief of staff

Kain is known for his role in fighting Ebola outbreak in 2014

Incoming president Joe Biden has chosen Ron Kain as his chief of staff at the White House. The two have known each other for decades. In 1989, when Biden was a senator, Klain worked for him.

He was also Biden’s chief of staff when he was vice president under President Obama. In 2014, Klain led the American efforts in the fight against Ebola.

“Ron has been invaluable to me in the years we worked together,” says Biden. He praises him for his great experience and talent to work with people from different political backgrounds. According to Biden, that is exactly what is now being asked “to take the country back together”.

Kain, a fierce critic of Trumps ‘ COVID-19 policy, speaks of a great honor to help Biden and form a team around him in the White House.

Trump still insists he won the presidential election. In one of his last tweets, he writes that “our voters” were denied access in the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan and that hundreds of thousands of votes are therefore illegal. What he bases his claim on, he doesn’t make it clear. The authorities in both states have no evidence of large-scale abuses so far.

In Michigan, Biden received almost 150,000 votes more than Trump, and in Pennsylvania, the difference is over 50,000. Trumps team has taken legal action in several states, but so far virtually all demands have been rejected.

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