Phoenix approves the TSMC fab in Arizona

Authorities of Phoenix city in the state of Arizona have given the go-ahead for the construction of a large chip factory by Taiwanese TSMC worth $ 12 billion. Phoenix is contributing $ 200 million to the development of necessary infrastructure such as roads and sewers needed for the factory where 1900 people have to work.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, as it is called in full, is one of the world’s largest chip companies and supplies to major tech groups such as Apple and Qualcomm. TSMC is also an important customer of the Dutch chipmachine manufacturer ASML.

The plan to build a chip factory in Arizona was announced earlier this year. With the move, the Taiwanese are seeking to secure their supply to the US market. The US government wants more chipproduction in their own country so as not to be dependent on Asia. Other major chip companies also operate in Arizona, including Intel and Micron Technology.

TSMC wants to build goodwill in Washington with the new plant. Chinese Huawei Technologies is a major customer of TSMC, but is under attack from the US government because it has close ties to the Chinese government and according to the Americans is being used by Beijing to spy.

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