Biden makes some announcements about his administration

No sign of Greta so far

Klain himself kept his mouth shut when asked which candidates Biden was looking for exactly, but earlier the new president promised a government that reflects the ‘diversity’ of the country.

Blinken is considered a confidant of Biden and advised him during the last campaign in the field of foreign policy. The diplomat has made his mark in and out of Washington. Under Barack Obama, he served as secretary of State for foreign affairs from 2015-2017. And during Bill Clinton’s presidency, Blinken was a member of the National Security Council and he advised Clinton in various areas.
Security adviser

Another name is Jake Sullivan, formerly one of Hillary Clinton’s closest assistants. He’s probably gonna be Biden’s National Security Advisor. Shiny and Sullivan didn’t respond to requests for comment. A spokesman for Biden also refused to comment.

The intention is that the first names will be announced on Tuesday and at least for Thanksgiving next Thursday. The names of Blinken and Sullivan are not the only ones to fall. In American media, there is a lot of speculation about Biden’s choices, which are normally re-routed on January 20.

Coons is in the Senate for the state of Delaware and has long been considered a confidant of Biden. Another frequent name is Susan Rice, former national security advisor and ambassador to the United Nations. The same goes for former Russia Ambassador William Burns.

For the major post finance, Janet Yellen, from 2014 to 2018 boss of the Federal Reserve System – the equivalent of the Dutch Bank – is considered a top candidate. Major Justice Secretary-General Merrick Garland, the progressive judge who proposed Barack Obama for a place on the Supreme Court in 2016, is Merrick Garland. However, the Republicans, who hold the majority in the Senate, refused to accept his candidacy. It led to a fierce argument between Republicans and Democrats, which to this day: Donald Trump won the election and then nominated a conservative candidate.

The question is whether the Senate will be obstructing it again, now that the Republicans are most likely to retain the narrow majority. They have to win one of the remaining two elections in the state of Georgia in January, so they can vote Biden’s candidates out. In the first round, no candidate in Georgia achieved the state-required threshold of 50% of the votes.

So far, however, the Republicans in the Senate – despite the polarized climate – seem to be doing well. ,” All presidents are entitled to the Cabinet of their choice, ” Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) announced to Politico last week. Moderate colleagues Susan Collins (Maine) and Mitt Romney (Utah), also former presidential candidate, are not expected to get in the way of Biden. Collins said to give presidents a lot of leeway to choose their own people.

However, Murkowski and Romney made the reservation that Biden’s candidates should not be too radical (left). ,Our job is to make sure Biden chooses people… that mainstream is enough,” says Murkowski. ,And who are well-qualified, credible candidates. If he does, fine, I’ll work with him.”

It does mean that Republicans are likely to veto very progressive candidates such as Elizabeth Warren (Senator on behalf of Massachusetts) or Bernie Sanders (Senator on behalf of Vermont). That’s how many Democrats on the liberal side want Warren to be minister of Finance.

Should the cabinet posts still be divided, last week Biden already appointed about 12 employees who will be his direct staff in the White House. Almost all of them are known from Bidens for almost five decades of political career. The perhaps most important post goes to Ron Klain. He’s gonna be the new chief of staff at the White House. This makes him the right-hand man who controls access to the president. The same Kain is now saying that Biden’s prime minister candidates will soon be known.

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