South Korea imposed fine on Facebook

It is ridiculously low and will prevent any further legal actions

The South Korean privacy watchdog (PIPC) has imposed an ridiculously low fine on Facebook for providing users’ personal information to companies. According to the data protector, the data of at least 3.3 million local Facebook users would have been shared without permission with up to 10,000 companies.

Facebook has to pay the country 6.7 billion South Korean won (approximately 5 million USD). The personal data authority says the company broke the rules between May 2012 and June 2018. Personal data such as relationship status, work experience and training were shared with other companies when users logged into their Facebook account on their online services. The personal information of their Facebook friends was therefore shared without permission.

The privacy watchdog states that the social network did not cooperate in the investigation that has been going on since 2018, for example by submitting incomplete and false documents. On the contrary, Facebook says that it has cooperated well in the PIPC investigation, and that it is still going to look at the fine imposed ‘precisely’.

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