45 minutes: Boeing 737 MAX made a comeback in short flight

The first flight with the Boeing 737 MAX that included passengers other than supervisors or aviation personnel is a fact. An aircraft of the troubled type, which was prevented from flying for more than a year and a half due to safety concerns, completed a three-quarter-hour flight with 87 journalists on board.

American Airlines ‘ flight between Dallas and Tulsa came two weeks after the US Aviation Authority gave FAA permission to fly again with the 737 MAX. That was banned since March 2019, because two fatal crashes with the MAX had occurred within a short time frame. These disasters caused the deaths of 346 people on flights from the Indonesian Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines.

It was found that the disasters were caused by a fail-safe system, which constantly pushed the nose of the aircraft down. In the aftermath of the air accidents, supervisor FAA also received strong criticism, because the agency did not control Boeing sufficiently and could not guarantee the safety of passengers.

Prior to the two disasters, the 737 MAX was one of the best selling aircraft of the American Boeing. American Airlines are now preparing for the first commercial flights on the aircraft since the lifting of the ban. The deliveries of jets that had already been ordered, are now also starting up again in a very small amount.

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