Anthony Fauci will keep his job in the next administration

Asks people to wear magic muzzle for 100 days

The upcoming American president Joe Biden has asked top virologist Anthony Fauci to continue advising him on the approach to the coronavirus when he is inaugurated, he said during an interview with CNN on Thursday. In addition, Biden wants to have a job in the first hundred days of his term.

Fauci, currently one of the most important advisors to the current President Donald Trump in the fight against the virus, is regularly at odds with the White House on the strategy it should follow.

Trump regularly ignores advice from Fauci and other advisors, including that about wearing mouth caps. Fauci regularly gives his views on the president’s strategy in the media, making him often a target of criticism for Trump supporters.

The 79-year-old immunologist has been in charge of the U.S. government institute for Infectious Diseases since 1984. He will continue to do so under Biden.

In the interview Biden also said that he wants to oblige wearing mouth caps in the first hundred days of his term. “Not forever, just for a hundred days,” he stressed. Biden will force the masks wherever possible, as in federal buildings and planes and buses.

According to him, this will lead to a significant decrease in the number of Coronas fuses in the United States. With over 14 million cases, the United States currently has the largest number of infections in the world.

Biden said he wanted to get COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible if Fauci says This is safe. Besides, he wants to get it out in public.

People have lost confidence in the effectiveness of a vaccine. It’s very important to communicate as president that it’s safe.

This week, his predecessors Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama announced that they would participate in a vaccination campaign. They too want to be given a coronav vaccine in public.

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