TikTok ban overthrown in the court

Confusion is here to stay

The popular video sharing app TikTok has for the second time been proved right by an American court, reports Reuters. Once again, the decision of the Department of Trade to limit the operation of the app in the country was taken down.

Over a month ago, for the first time, an American judge ruled that TikTok should not be banned in the United States.

According to the White House, the Chinese app ‘poses a threat to American security’. Through the app, data from US users could be passed on to the Chinese government.

On August 6, American president Donald Trump signed a decree to block transactions between American companies and TikTok. That would render the app unusable in the United States.

But by a preliminary order from the judge, the restrictions have not been implemented. A spokesman for TikTok says To The Verge he is pleased with the verdict. The Department obeys the order but says “to defend the decree with full power”.

In the now confusing TikTok case, the sale of the American branch of the app is still being discussed. Trump’s government wants TikTok to transfer his American operations to an American company. The deadline for this was 4 December and was not extended.

However, there are different deadlines in the matter. For example, there is still an appeal by TikTok before the American Court of Appeal. Parent company ByteDance has until 14 December to submit documents to the court for this purpose.

In September, Trump agreed to an contract between ByteDance, Oracle and Walmart, whereby the US activities of TikTok would be transferred to a new company. Whether the deal goes through is a question. For example, China has not yet given its approval and it is unclear how this construction will remove the safety concerns.

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