Texas has ‘no legal interest’ in decision of who will rule the United States next four years

At least it's how Supreme Court has decided

The United States Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit filed by the U.S. State of Texas to invalidate the election results in four U.S. states on Friday.

According to the Supreme Court, the state of Texas has no legal interest in the way other states conduct elections.

The Republican stronghold of Texas filed a lawsuit on behalf of American president Donald Trump, who believes that the votes in the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin should be declared void. The votes in those four states were crucial to the victory of president elect Joe Biden.

It is yet another defeat Trump is suffering in his legal battle to undo the electoral defeat against Biden. According to the president-in-office, there was alleged to have been widespread fraud during the November elections. So far, no evidence of this has been provided.

The Trump camp has already started dozens of trials to change the outcome of the November 3 elections. So far, most of them have been lost to the president. Last week, he lost business in the states of Michigan and Nevada, and Biden remained the winner at recounts in Georgia.

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