White House staff will be vaccinated somewhat later, according to Donald Trump

“People who work in the White House should receive the vaccine sometime later in the program, unless there is a specific need. At my request, this adjustment was made,” Trump responded via Twitter to the news in American media that White House staff would be vaccinated in the next ten days.

“It’s not planned for me to be vaccinated, but I look forward to doing so at an appropriate time,” Trump added.

Press office Reuters reported on Sunday evening that the US president, vice-president Mike Pence and other top executives could be among the first to receive Pfizer and BioNTech’s newly approved vaccine from Monday. Trump, however, said he would wait.

Pence had already said that he would be vaccinated as soon as that possibility exists. “The first moment that it is appropriate for someone in my category to receive a vaccine, know that I and my family will not hesitate.”

Large quantities of the vaccine arrive at 145 locations across the country on Monday. The first doses are intended for people who work in health care and older people in nursing homes.

Older government officials are also among the first to be vaccinated, according to John Ullyot of the National Security Council. This is protocol to ensure that the US government can continue to function during a pandemic or an emergency.

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