Apple comes up with the plan to make its own car

Can't make a decent phone? Try to build a car.

Apple plans to start building an electric car in 2024, using its own battery technology. That’s what sources tell Reuters news agency.

Apple’s project for electric cars is called ‘Titan’ and has been running since 2014 when a first design was made. The project is run by Doug Field, an Apple veteran who also worked at Tesla. Apple now believes that sufficient progress has been made to build electric cars for the general public, says the initiates.

The maker of iPhone intends to use a new type of batteries which provide a longer range. Apple may be able to leave the production at the hands of a car manufacturer and it is also unclear whether an Apple Car Brand will be introduced. Because of the pandemic, the plans may be delayed.

Apple’s vehicle should also be able to drive independently. Rivals such as Google parent company Alphabet also work on cars that can drive autonomously. Experts point out that it takes a lot to build electric cars profitably. It took Elon Musk 17 years to make Tesla profitable. Apple wouldn’t comment on Reuters.

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