Donald Trump refuses to sign stimulus bill

Contrary to expectations, American president Donald Trump refused to sign the coronation package approved by Congress on Monday. The 900 billion dollar package has been discussed for months, but Trump calls it ‘a disgrace’.

Earlier, the White House had just announced that Trump would sign the support bill. However, according to the president, the current package has turned out to be completely different from what he had expected.

The second package includes a one-off $ 600 aid cheque for most Americans. There is also support for the millions of inhabitants who have lost their jobs since the start of the coronary artery disease and for small businesses. Next Saturday, the current aid package will expire. Necessary assistance may be delayed if Trump does not sign the new law in good time.

The new package of measures is seen as a compromise by both Democratic and Republican leaders. The Democrats also wanted direct aid for municipalities and states, but it will not be available for the time being.

Trump asks Congress in a Twitter address to send a new bill. He asks to increase the” ridiculously low ” amount that Americans would receive. That goes from $ 600 to $ 2,000 per adult, or $ 4,000 per couple. He also wants the amount for small businesses to go up. In addition, Trump wants ‘wasteful and unnecessary’ parts removed from the law.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic president of the House, welcomes the words of Trump. In a comment on Twitter, she writes to Republicans, “let’s do it!”. Other prominent Democrats, such as Chuck Schumer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, join her through the social medium.

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