Residents of Columbus, Ohio went on protest

Another black man shot without legal reasons

There is once again an outrage to the excessive police brutality and racism, after a white officer shot an unarmed black man in Columbus, Ohio. Three weeks earlier, a similar case of police violence had already occurred in the same city.

47-year-old Andre Maurice Hill was in a garage of a house the night of Monday to Tuesday, when he was approached by the police. He was a guest at the owner of the House.

Footage from the body cam of one of the police officers shows Hill stepping on the officers with a cell phone in his left hand. His right hand is not visible. Seconds later, one of the agents, Adam Coy, opens fire. Hill gets hit several times and collapses. Although the man does not die immediately, it is still a few minutes before Coy and his colleague come to help. Hill succumbs to his injuries later. Adam Coy, who’s been a cop for 19 years, is currently suspended. At the scene of the shooting, no weapon was found on Hill’s body afterwards.

Mayor Andrew Ginther of Columbus claims to be outraged at Hill’s death. He says he “was an acquaintance of the residents of the House.” He was there as a guest, not as a burglar. He also does not like the fact that the two officers did not take care of the victim directly.

Three weeks ago, a similar incident occurred in the same place. On December 4, another black man, 23-year-old Casey Goodson, was also killed by a white cop. Goodson was killed when cops in his neighborhood were looking for a suspect he didn’t know about in connection with an investigation he had nothing to do with.

According to officers, Goodson was aiming a firearm at them, but due to a lack of witnesses and body cam footage, this cannot be verified. Goodson was shot several times in the upper body.

After Goodson’s death, Columbus’s residents went out to protest.

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