The election results in Georgia seems to fascinate the stock markets

The stock exchanges in New York started losing most of their business on Wednesday. The financial markets are processing the course of the second round of the Georgia Senate elections, where Democrats are ahead. Technology funds went under.

One of the two Democratic candidates for a Senate seat for the state of Georgia, preacher Raphael Warnock, has already defeated his Republican opponent Kelly Loeffler. In the struggle for the other seat, the Democratic candidate also has a slight lead. At a profit, Joe Biden’s Democratic Party will be in charge of both chambers of Congress, making it much easier for the next president to implement his policy.

Nasdaq delivered 1 percent to 12,702 points in the first commercial minutes. Democrats want to go further in the supervision of large tech companies than Republicans in terms of privacy and market regulation. Facebook, Google mother Alphabet, Amazon and Apple dropped to 3 percent. The Dow Joneser Index went up 0.2 percent to 30,453 points. The broad-Composite S & P 500 lost 0.3 percent to 3716 points.

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