Modest and sponsored: Biden’s inauguration will be held with COVID in mind

Major tech companies such as Google mother Alphabet and Microsoft have donated for the inauguration of new US president Joe Biden. The names of the companies appear on the list of nearly a thousand donors, according to the commission which organizes the inauguration.

The commission did not mention the volume of donations. Further details are also missing. Other companies on the list include chip maker Qualcomm, cable suppliers Comcast and Charter Communications, aircraft maker Boeing and insurer Anthem.

The inauguration committee also announced that trade unions such as the American Federation of Teachers and the United Food and Commercial Workers made a contribution. There are also notable individuals on the list such as California senator Barbara Boxerof and singer Barbra Streisand.

Due to the COVID, the inauguration of the new president will be more modest than usual. The safety standards will be very strict. This is because of the recent assault of the Capitol by Trump supporters, which resulted in five deaths, including a police officer.

President Donald Trump stated earlier that he would not be present at the inauguration. Vice President Mike Pence is. Biden and his vice president Kamala Harris called on Americans earlier to stay home on January 20. The traditional mass gathering at the National Mall has already been cancelled and the parade after the inauguration of the Capitol to the White House is being reconsidered.

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