Twitter’s decision to ban Real Donald Trump backfired

Funny cats and transgender turtles are OK

The share of Twitter got a big hit on the stock exchange after the social media company decided late on Friday to close the account of American president Donald Trump permanently. In Europe Twitter lost 8 percent of its value. The share of Twitter was also considerably lower in the front-door trade in the United States.

Twitter set up Trumps ‘ account because there was a risk that ‘he would re-incite violence’. After the Capitol storming last week, the company first chose a 24-hour Twitter ban for the president. When Trump tweeted on the same page after the end of that period, Twitter banned Trump’s account.

Analysts point out that the banning of Donald Trump, the acting president of USA, can be interpreted as an editorial decision. This opens the door to stricter rules for social media. They are now only marginally responsible for the statements made by their users, but if they show that they are doing so themselves, the American legislator may want them to play that role more often.

RealDonaldTrump was one of the most popular accounts on Twitter, where he had over 88 million followers. In addition, his many tweets were retweeted countless times and also generated a lot of discussion among Twitter users.

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