Additional security measures precede the inauguration

Washington, D. C., in the run-up to the inauguration of the incoming president Biden, and vice president Harris that the security is increased. “We’re going to make sure we have a safe inauguration,” said Vice President Pence after a security meeting.

Several airlines and airports have banned the carriage of weapons in the hold baggage of passengers to Washington D.C. for the coming week.. Weapons were already banned in the hand luggage.

American Airlines introduces a ban on serving alcohol on flights to and from Washington and the surrounding area. The flights are dry from Saturday to Thursday, Wednesday is the inauguration. Several airlines also move their crew from hotels in the center of Washington D.C. to hotels closer to the airports.

The measures follow on from the attack on the Capitol on 6 January by supporters of president Trump and because of disturbances and political confrontations on some flights.

For example, at the beginning of last week, a number of Trump supporters on a flight from Delta Air Lines from Salt Lake City to Washington harassed senator Mitt Romney. Romney criticised Trump and supported an attempt to remove him from office last year. Another Republican senator, Lindsey Graham, was harassed at Reagan Washington National Airport after voting to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory.

People who harass the crew or other passengers will be prosecuted immediately in the near future. The US aviation authorities have announced that they will not issue warnings in the next two months, but will pass the matter directly on to the police.

The National Railway Company Amtrak also takes additional security measures, including the deployment of additional police officers on trains.

A rehearsal of Biden’s inauguration on Sunday in Washington has been postponed for security reasons, writes The American medium Politico based on initiates. The FBI warned last few days that there are plans for armed protests in all 50 states, and Washington D.C. rehearsal is now being held a day later.

A train trip Biden wanted to make next Monday from his residence in Delaware to Washington is not going to happen at all because of security concerns. The committee responsible for inauguration will not comment on this to Politico.

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