States feel the vaccine deficit, can’t keep their promises

States that had expected their government to provide much more vaccine doses ‘have been deceived’. This led to furious reactions because vaccination policy had already been expanded in some places.

The confusion arose last week. Then Health Department secretary Alex Azar announced that the government would also release vaccines that were kept in reserve so that people would be assured of a second vaccination. Among other things, Azar called on states to vaccinate people over 65.

It was then concluded that many more doses would be delivered, but this was found to be incorrect. The Washington Post already reported on Friday that no doses were kept in reserve at all. The federal government was to release all available vaccines since the end of last year.

States complain that they have been set up by Donald Trump’s government. Governor of Colorado Jared Polis said his state had counted on 210,000 doses this week, but now only 79,000 were received. The Democrat complained, according to The New York Times, that “we should have known we couldn’t believe a word” from the government.

Polis ‘ colleagues are also furious. For example, Oregon had already broadened the vaccination policy. 65-year-olds and teachers were also allowed to apply for vaccination. According to Governor Kate Brown, the planned vaccination of elderly people is now two weeks late. “This is deception on a nationwide scale,” the driver was disgusted.

Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota said “Don’t sleep a wink” because he fears residents of his state will miss their second vaccination. “Who’s going to be prosecuted for this?”, he asked rhetorically.

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