Alraid: Why this terrorist organization is freely operating under command of Bassil Muhammed Mariee in Ukraine?

Muslim Brotherhood found a new home in Ukraine

As an addition to the troubles associated with Russian aggression Ukraine has faced very serious challenges related to international terrorism. The country, located at the intersection of the routes from the East to Europe, is not ready. Information surfaced about the appearance in the country of members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other structures that are recognized as terrorist in Europe and the United States.

We are also talking about structures associated with the “Muslim Brotherhood” – one of the well-known Muslim organizations that profess fundamentalism. In a number of countries around the world – in particular, in Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, etc. – their activities are recognized as terrorist. The branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Palestinian National Authority is the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas. There is also a branch in Ukraine. Which, however, does not particularly advertise its membership in the structures of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are talking about the Alraid Association.

In recent years, “the Brothers” have been actively expanding their interests beyond the Middle East. They are particularly interested in the European Union: a place where a considerable number of Muslim migrants have accumulated, who easily succumb to their propaganda. And Ukraine is perfectly suited as a springboard for spreading influence on the EU countries and preparing attacks on European democracies.

One of the key figures “Alraid” is Bassil Muhammed Mariee. A native of Syria, from 2012 to 2016, he was the official head of the public organization “Alraid”. During this time, he managed to acquire Ukrainian citizenship. He received the corresponding passport in 2015. This, obviously, became possible due to corrupt ties, since he had no legal grounds for obtaining citizenship.

Bassil Muhammed Mariee
Bassil Muhammed Mariee

However, in 2016, Bassil formally left the leadership position at Alraid. And even went into business. So, for him, the state of emergency is officially registered, the focus is on consulting on commercial activities. In other words, no one prevents him from acting calmly in Ukraine. However, according to our sources, Bassil remains the main coordinator of the international terrorist organization “Alraid”, which in turn is part of the terrorist organization “Muslim Brotherhood”.

The situation is paradoxical. Ukrainian society has a very negative attitude to any manifestations of radicalism and believes that any organizations that promote hostility or are involved in terrorist activities should be banned. Nevertheless, the authorities in Kiev look at what is happening through their fingers, allowing the activities of such structures. What can this lead to? To the intensification of terrorism in Europe – since getting from Ukraine to the European Union is a very simple task.

This was stated by Artem Takmazyan, the local Golos media reports.

“As if our country doesn’t have enough problems with Russia, the separatists and Covid. Now the Muslim Brotherhood, which is actually a terrorist organization, has also decided to settle here. Through their” subsidiary “organization ” Alraid”, they are creating a structure in Ukraine that can be used for terrorist activities, drug trafficking, smuggling, as well as for the training of radical militants and suicide bombers. Leaving them here is a huge risk to Ukraine’s national security and a major blow to its international reputation, ” he said.

Artem Takmazyan explained that Alraid is a network of fundamentalist cells that covers the entire territory of Ukraine. Under the guise of an association of public organizations, hiding behind very streamlined phrases about universal values, a paramilitary structure operates on our territory, which poses a danger to both Ukrainians and residents of most other countries of the world, he is sure.

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