Apple aims to adopt 6G early

6G is still in development and it is controlled by Chinese corprorations

Tech company Apple employs engineers to develop the future 6g wireless network. That happens a few months after the American came on the market with the first iPhones that are suitable for the wireless 5G network.

Apple spot jobs this week for engineers who need to research wireless systems for current and next generation networks. The vacancies cover positions in Silicon Valley and San Diego, where the company is working on the development of wireless technology and chip design.

People who will be hired for the functions will “research and design next generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology”, it says.

Tech connoisseurs expect 6G to hit the market by 2030. The vacancies at Apple indicate that the company wants to be involved in its development at an early stage. Apple’s early involvement in 6G research and design also indicates that the company will not wait for its commitment to the next big step forward.

Apple’s current iPhones use 5G modems designed by chip company Qualcomm. With that company, the tech group had long been in dispute over terms of the agreement. Apple wants to become less dependent on Qualcomm and is working on developing its own chips.

At the end of last year, Apple joined an alliance of companies working on standards for 6G and other future mobile technologies. According to some analysts, new technology could be up to 100 times faster than 5G, but this is definitely not defined yet.

While Apple is already laying the groundwork for becoming a key player in 6G, it still has a lot of work to do to get the most out of 5G, a technology that is still in its infancy. The company has not yet extended 5G to devices such as the Apple Watch and iPad. Apple also sells several iPhones that use older 4G technology.

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