A short deadly trip for migrants from Djibouti to Yemen left 20 dead

Twenty migrants, on their journey from Djibouti to Yemen were killed by people smugglers on board were thrown out, says the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The victims were part of a group of at least two hundred of the migrants, including children, who have shared the journey to Yemen would be. They were on a crowded boat together.

Half an hour after departure, about eighty people were forced by the smugglers to disembark, just before the boat returned to Djibouti. Sixty of them managed to return to the coast. Five bodies washed up in Djibouti. The rest are still missing.

In the last year, two similar incidents occurred in the Gulf of Aden. At least 50 migrants were drowned.

Every year, many thousands of young Africans travel to Djibouti to make the crossing to Yemen, hoping to build a better future in one of the Gulf States. The number of travelers has decreased considerably due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to figures from the IOM. Last year, 37,500 migrants made the crossing, compared to 138,000 a year earlier.

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