Nicolás Maduro account blocked for publishing a video ‘without an evidence’

It is who should prove you are right before the almighty Facebook

Facebook has blocked the page of Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro for 30 days because, according to the platform, he has spread disinformation about COVID-19. Maduro claimed in a video, without evidence, that a certain drug could cure the disease. Facebook has deleted the images, the social network reports Saturday.

Maduro already promoted the drug in January. According to the Venezuelan president, the treatment method could help with both healing and Prevention.

However, Facebook emphasizes that the video is against the terms of use. “We follow the guidelines of the WHO Health Organization, which says that there is no medication that can cure the coronavirus,” said a spokesperson. “Because of the repeated violation of our rules, we block the page for 30 days.”

Maduro’s Facebook page is now only readable. No new messages can be posted during this period.

The administrators of Maduro’s page have been informed of the blockade. His Facebook Instagram account can still be used for new posts.

The Venezuelan Ministry of information refused to respond on Saturday. Maduro complained in February that Facebook censors his videos and that social media companies treat him unfairly. Facebook Instagram is a major user of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which he often uses for live sessions.

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