Almost 131 million COVID-19 infected worldwide, US is #1

130.8 million Covid-19 infections have been recorded worldwide. This shows Sunday from current data collected by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

The number of Americans carrying the coronavirus today rises to 30.7 million, with 554,779 deaths.

Brazil now has almost 13 million infections. In India, this is 12.5 million.

In Western Europe, France has the highest number of infections, with more than 4.8 million. The United Kingdom has 4.4 million cases. Italy now has more than 3.6 million cases and Spain 3.3 million cases. In Germany, the number of infections is approaching 2.9 million.

In the Netherlands, a state of the official, the infection is now in 1.316.913 at 1.308.774 on a Saturday morning, and in 897.474 compared to 892.585.

In China, where the outbreak started at the end of 2019, 101,822 coronavirus cases have now been registered. This was 101,799 yesterday.

According to Johns Hopkins data, more than 2.84 million people worldwide have died from the virus. Over 74 million people have recovered.

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