Guess what? Biden asks Mexico to help with the hordes

Keeping borders nice and tidy while maintaining 'dreamer' agenda

Mexico will Station ten thousand soldiers at the southern border with Guatemala to cut off migrants to the United States. As Trump has done in recent years, Biden is also militarizing the southern borders to counter migration.

After less than three months, under great pressure from more than one hundred thousand arriving migrants, the new American president is forced to reintroduce part of his predecessor’s strict migration policy. Trump has been fiercely criticized by human rights organizations, international fora and political opponents for his closed borders policy, but Biden goes one step further if possible. At American request, migrants from Central America will now find tens of thousands of soldiers and police officers on their way.

With ten thousand soldiers along the southern border, Mexico can intercept twice as many migrants as it has been possible so far, said Jennifer Psaki, White House press secretary. Guatemala and Honduras are doing their bit to prevent people from packing their backpacks and going north in their own country. Guatemala deploys fifteen hundred military and police officers along the border with Honduras and places twelve ‘checkpoints’ along the migrant route. Honduras organizes another seven thousand agents and soldiers to prevent large migrant hordes from forming.

The agreement illustrates the rapid failure of Biden’s migration reform. In his campaign, the Democrat promoted an end to Trump’s policy of separating children from parents in detention centers, closing borders and forcing migrants in Mexico to wait for their asylum procedure. Biden would do it completely differently, because the US is a country built by migrants. The new president dismantled Trump’s “stay in Mexico” Policy and allowed minors back into the United States.

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