US economic statistics sends mixed results

The US labor market showed much less growth in April than expected and seems to have lost the so-called momentum.

“The growth rate of 266,000 jobs seems to be more in line with last Wednesday’s ADP data than with Thursday’s support applications,” Rabobank market analyst Philip Marey told ABM Financial News on Friday. “What is striking is that the setback is carried across the board, both in services and industry, with the exception of the leisure sector, where 331,000 jobs were added in April,” says Marey.

The expected growth was 1 million jobs. Wholesale stocks in the United States increased slightly less than expected in March. This was announced by the US Department of Commerce on Friday.

On a monthly basis, stocks increased by 1.3%. Economists consulted in advance expected an increase of 1.4 percent.

On an annual basis, there was an increase of 4.5 percent in March. Wholesale sales increased by 4.6 percent on a monthly basis in March. Compared to March 2020, there was a significant increase of 19.0 percent.

Consumer credit in the United States increased at an almost stable pace in March. This was announced by the Federal Reserve Friday night.

Consumer credit increased by $ 25.8 billion in March, up by $ 26.2 billion in February. For February, an initial increase in consumer credit of $ 27.6 billion was reported.

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