Clubhouse will roll out the Android app, first beta will be available in a few days

An Android version of Clubhouse will be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks. That’s what the developer of the app wrote in a blog post on Sunday. When the app is available in the Netherlands is not yet known.

The blog post says there is a BETA version available on Google Play in the US. The Android version was first tested among a small group of users who received an invitation. It is planned that Clubhouse will be rolled out in English-speaking countries in the next few days. After that, the chat app will be released worldwide in the coming weeks. It is not clear which countries will be the first to be mentioned.

Although the number of downloads from Clubhouse has decreased significantly, users continue to use the app regularly. Many tech companies and platforms have set up their own call functionalities in recent months that have agreements with Clubhouse.

For example, Twitter has created the audio function Spaces. It is currently only available to Twitter users with more than 600 followers. Facebook and Reddit also have conversation rooms. Facebook has it in the form of Rooms and Reddit has a feature specifically for moderators called Reddit Talk.

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