A group of tech companies demands a law to build and support microchip plants in USA

A group of US tech companies are joining forces to convince the US government to invest more money in chip factories in their own country.

Apple, Samsung, Amazon and other major tech companies today announced the Semiconductors in America Coalition. This coalition wants the US government to allocate fifty billion dollars to implement a law to build more American chip factories.

The law was passed earlier this year, but the US Congress did not take the wallet to actually put money into it. The coalition has already sent a letter to the Senate and the House of Representatives asking for funding for the plan.

Tech companies have been struggling with the consequences of the chip shortage since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Because factories were initially unable to produce new semiconductors, there are now not enough chips available for all the companies that need them. For example, game console manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft fail to build enough PlayStations and Xboxes to meet demand.

The American Coalition does not want short-term solutions to be considered. The companies believe that more needs to be invested in their own production capacity so that there are no problems again in a future crisis.

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