U.S. calls on Erdogan to stop ‘anti-Semitic statements’ on Israel

The line between 'antisemitic' and 'anti-Israeli' statements are blurred though

The United States believes that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is guilty of anti-Semitic statements. Washington calls on him ‘to refrain from remarks that could lead to more violence’.

The Turkish president, who defends the Palestinian cause, had lashed out at Israel on Monday. He spoke after the Israeli shelling in the Gaza Strip of’ murderers ‘who kill children of five or six years’. According to the president, “only bloodshed will satisfy them.”

Erdogan also criticized U.S. president Joe Biden. According to the Turkish president, he has ‘blood on his hands’ because of his support for Israel.

The relationship between the new US administration and Turkey is tense. The two leaders will normally meet at a NATO summit in Brussels next month.

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