Google will show the search engine selection dialog box to users

As a result of anticompetition fines Google has to add more choices

Companies that want to show their search engine alongside Google when users set up an Android phone no longer have to compete against competitors. This is what Google reports on its website. The change is the result of pressure from Europe.

“Building on additional feedback from the European Commission, we will make some final adjustments to the choice screen,” writes European Google CEO Oliver Bethell. “In this way, we make participation in eligible search engines free of charge. We will also show more search providers on the selection screen.”

The changes will take effect on Android phones from September. A maximum of twelve search engines are displayed. In order to be eligible, companies must at least offer a free search app in the Play Store. Subject-specific search engines are excluded, as are search engines that carry results and ads from Google.

Since last year, Europeans have been able to choose which search engine should be used by default when setting up an Android phone. By giving users the choice, Google responds to criticism from the European Commission about abuse of power with Android smartphones.

Brussels ruled that Google took unfair measures to get people to choose the Google search engine. In 2018, the tech company was fined 4.34 billion euros.

Google therefore created an auction system. The three companies that paid the most came next to Google in the choice screen. Google’s competitors also called this unfair. According to TechCrunch, the European Commission has therefore intervened once again.

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