Russia is ready to extradite cybercriminals to US

...only if US will sign and follow the agreement

Russian president Vladimir Putin is ready to hand over cyber criminals to the United States. One condition is that Washington does the same thing the other way around.

According to Putin, Russia and the US may want to reach an agreement on the extradition of cyber criminals. Earlier, the White House reported that the two leaders were going to talk this week about hackers specializing in online extortion of international companies.

“If we agree to extradite criminals, then of course Russia will. But on the other hand, we expect that if the US agrees to this plan, the country will stick to it,” Putin said prior to the meeting with US president Joe Biden during a state television interview.

According to the Russian president, the extradition of cyber criminals is a priority. “Cybersecurity is important. When systems are switched off, this can have very serious consequences.”

The first meeting between Biden and Putin is Wednesday in Geneva, Switzerland. Another topic they are going to discuss is the bad relationship between the two countries.

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